EMR/EHR Selection and Implementation

Selecting and implementing an electronic health record (EHR) system that will meet the unique needs of your practice while not sucking up gobs of time or money is paramount to providing affordable, quality care to your patients. With literally hundreds of certified EHR solutions, trying to find the best fit for your practice can be a daunting challenge. Especially when you and your staff are already crazy-busy seeing patients, pulling charts, tracking down lab results, scheduling appointments, faxing records, dictating, and submitting billing claims. This is where we can help. Our EHR services include:

EHR Technology Assessment and Planning Services

A comprehensive EHR Technology Assessment will help you better understand the current state of your technology and prepare your practice for EHR adoption and future needs.  Some key areas the Technology Assessment focuses on include hardware inventory, operating system security status, anti-virus and anti-malware systems, data backup and protection, network threats and vulnerabilities, system performance and stability, current IT policies, and review of chronic or recurring IT related issues.  The resulting assessment score card and report will outline our findings and provide a prioritized list of recommended actions to take to meet your objectives and budget.

An EHR Roadmap assists practices with the evaluation and selection criteria of  electronic health record (EHR) software packages. The outcome of this roadmap is a list of considerations for EHR selection and adoption that can be utilized by your practice to take the confusion out of the selection process. The resulting roadmap will:

bullet pointDramatically reduce the time required to match the needs of your individual practice with certified EHR packages,
bullet pointEasily identify product functionality and operational considerations required to make your EHR selection and implementation a success,
bullet pointReduce the stress of trying to find the right EHR from the hundreds of available options that are best matched for your practice,
bullet pointProvide you with the first steps toward efficient EHR adoption, qualifying for Meaningful Use, and uncovering untapped revenue that you may be leaving on the table today.

EHR Vendor Evaluation and Project Implementation Services

We will collaborate with your practice to evaluate a narrow list of EHR vendors that meet the basic requirements of the your specific practice. This includes developing requirements, coordinating with the EHR vendors and delivering an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the systems demonstrated.

We can also collaborate with you and the chosen vendor to ensure installations are timely, organized and delivered with minimal disruption to the day-to-day clinical operations within the practice. We will provide project management support from kickoff to delivery including documentation of installation milestones and potential impacts. We will also act as or support the practice champion with the EHR vendors and practice staff allowing you to maintain focus on patients and general operations.

Optionally, we can work with your staff to create customized templates within your EHR system according to the unique workflows of your practice. (Note: some EHR systems require custom development by the vendor for all templates.)

Finally, we can provide online and live training to ensure EHR software is being fully utilized, physicians and staff understands how to use the software and their role in efficient clinical workflow with EHR, as well as provide post-launch support such as guidance on achieving Meaningful Use.

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